What I Wore (On My Run)

Hi I'm Taylor Penrod.

Welcome to my running "style" blog. I love well-matched running apparel but above all I dress for the weather and wear what feels most comfortable.

I am passionate about running and currently serve as a Running Speciality Tech Rep for adidas and as Assistant Cross Country and Track Coach at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Enjoy my blog as I take you on my journey as a runner, one outfit at a time!

Date: September 15, 2011
Time: 7:45 am 
Weather: Sunny/54 degrees F
Location: B-Line Trail/Bloomington, IN

What I Wore:
Top: Nike Fast Pace Running Shirt (Nike Outlet 2011)
Bottom: Original-Style Nike Tempo Short (Nike Outlet 2011) 
Sunglasses: Oakley Minute 2.0

Why: With the fall semester underway, I am beginning to feel the pressure of balancing school, work, blogging, and my student-loan sponsored social life. Fortunately, running is a great outlet for working off stress, but somedays even that feels like a mandatory task. 

Running has always been a means by which I relax and gather my thoughts, but during times of high stress I begin to slowly resent needing to wake up early or trying to squeeze a run in between classes and meetings. Sadly, running becomes something I “have to do” rather than get to do.

I wish I could claim apparel enables my running to always be carefree and fun, but I am yet to find such a magical outfit. I can, however, assert that by having well-matched ensembles I am at least able to get out the door without the additional challenge of trying to find something to wear. When I am incredibly busy, I find solace in being able to grab a great looking outfit and be out the door in a matter of minutes.

Even in high school I enjoyed the ease of getting ready for practice by simply reaching into a drawer and selecting a matching combination. To create an environment conducive to this, I organize my running clothes into several different drawers. One drawer houses pre-created outfits; another is for easy mix and match items (black shorts and plain shirts); and a final one is for layering items such as jackets and plain colored long sleeves. By organizing my clothes in this way, I am able to easily pack a bag for school or get ready in a hurry.

At the core of my well-matched outfits is my wide arsenal of basic Nike clothing. While I have recently been drifting away from the current Nike Tempo short, which debuted around 2005, the original-style Tempo (notable by the square cut and blocked stripes down the side) remains a favorite as I currently own twelve pairs.

Designed in a wide array of colors, the original Nike Tempo short is still readily available at the Nike Outlet store. The fabric of the original-style is a bit bunchy, but I prefer the shorter length and wider leg opening in comparison to the current Tempo. While each color pattern seems to fit a little differently, the light-weight material and comfortable liner has remained consistent over time. Another outlet store purchase, this matching Fast Pace Running Shirt was a great find! Similar to my version in pink, it has a long cut and it’s thin material is perfect for the fall weather. 

Although this outfit is not easy to recreate, it represents one of the basic ensembles in my wardrobe. While it may not be financially feasible to have an entire running wardrobe of all matching outfits, having a few corresponding basics can help get you out the door quickly and without much thought. It may take an extra few minutes after folding laundry, but by pairing outfits together ahead of time, you are one step closer to your run. 

It may not help me overcome the challenge of my cluttered mind or busy schedule, but running apparel can at least be an encourager rather than barrier to getting out the door. I wish running were always a stress reliever, but somedays it is just one of those things I do to check off my list. Luckily, as basic as it is, my well-matched outfits make it a little bit easier for me to mindlessly grab clothes and just run!

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