What I Wore (On My Run)

Hi I'm Taylor Penrod.

Welcome to my running "style" blog. I love well-matched running apparel but above all I dress for the weather and wear what feels most comfortable.

I am passionate about running and currently serve as a Running Speciality Tech Rep for adidas and as Assistant Cross Country and Track Coach at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Enjoy my blog as I take you on my journey as a runner, one outfit at a time!




Date: November 29, 2012
Time: 3:08 pm
Weather: Overcast/58 degrees F
Location: Salt Lake City, UT 

What I Wore: adidas

Why: It is no secret I love adidas. With a plethora of posts detailing the brand, my loyalty can be traced to my first pieces of technical running apparel: an orange and navy tank-top and short ensemble circa 2001 (if only I had a picture)! 

Truly a blessing of timing and a friend’s referral, I am excited to share I am no longer just a brand enthusiast, but an employee of adidas North America! While my job title reads: adidas Gazelle, I am more commonly referred to as a Running Tech Rep. 

My role officially begins December 10, with training at the North America headquarters in Portland, OR, and my job will entail working with running speciality stores in Utah and Southern Idaho. Serving as a Tech Rep, I will work closely with stores to provide product knowledge to staff members and consumers, as well as represent the brand at local running events. 

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and so excited to take on a different role in the running industry. While this means a few things will be changing with What I Wore (On My Run), I am eager to look at apparel through a different lens and share new content. In order to stay up to date on my new adventure, feel free to follow along both here and on facebook!

Date: September 18, 2012
Time: 4:30 pm
Weather: Sunny/79 degrees F 
Location: Sugar House Park/Salt Lake City, UT

What I Wore: 
Sports Bra: Ibex Balance Sports Bra
Top: Ibex Echo Sport Tee
Bottom: Nike Road Race 2” Short 

Why: Between starting three new jobs and acclimating to Salt Lake City, the theme of this month has been adjusting to change. 

With this, I have even begun to branch out in my running apparel. While typically trying new running clothes would not be considered a novel activity, my newest clothes are made of… wool

As much as I adore trying new apparel, I have always been a bit leery of wool-based running clothes. While wool has long enjoyed a prominent position in the outdoor industry, I have a difficult time affiliating the fabric with anything but itchy holiday sweaters.

With this in mind, when I was given the opportunity to try out wool athletic apparel from the Vermont-based company Ibex, I was skeptical it would pass my test for comfort and functionality.

Credited with being a natural moisture wicking material, wool was an athletic fabric long before synthetic fabrics were invented. While wool is stereotypically itchy and thick, most athletic apparel is composed of a distinct type of wool: merino. As a finer fiber, the wool of merino sheep is one of softest on the market, while also being naturally antibacterial.  

Despite the credibility of the fabric, it is hard to fathom a wool item being optimal in the summer heat. Evaluating Ibex’s merino-based Echo Sport Tee and Balance Sports Bra, I was surprised to find it just as effective in wicking moisture as my technical synthetic apparel. 

With a similar shape and support level as Moving Comfort’s Serena bra, a staple piece in my closet, the Balance Sports Bra has a wonderful, barely-there feel. Sized a bit on the smaller size, I appreciate it’s snug, soft fit as well as it’s ability to keep me feeling dry. 

As a t-shirt I can wear beyond just running, I love the simplicity of the Echo Sport Tee. It is lightweight and has a tailored fit throughout the shoulders while remaining loose in the body. After several wears and washes, what I appreciate most is the shirt has not retained any scent.

The only major downside to these Ibex items, and most merino wool products, is the cost. As a natural and renewable fiber, wool has a much higher price point than most synthetic running apparel, causing it to be less accessible to the average consumer. 

Price aside, for those looking to branch out from the typical polyester-based products, I would suggest giving merino wool a try. While time will tell if the durability and function of this fabric is truly superior to synthetic apparel, so far I am impressed! Have you ever given wool a try?


Date: August 6, 2012 
Time: 5:30 pm
Weather: Sunny/72 degrees
Location: Yellowstone National Park

What I Wore: 
Jacket: Brooks LSD Jacket III

Why: From packing up and moving across the country, to beginning three new jobs, it has been a whirlwind of a month. While my running has been anything but ideal, the past few weeks have been quite an adventure. 

Most exciting of all, on August 6th at Yellowstone National Park, my boyfriend Josh proposed! After a fun day exploring the major tourist sites, Josh and I were headed north through the park when we spotted the lookout point for Firehole Falls.

We climbed around near the falls for a few minutes before deciding to grab the tripod and take pictures. As we were staging photos, Josh suddenly began talking about our future and alluded to a comment I made earlier in the day about begining our adventure together in Utah. 

Immediately suspicious why he was bringing this up, my stomach filled with butterflies wondering if he was actually going to propose. Seconds later, he said, ”I think it’s only fitting this big adventure begin with a question,” and got down on one knee.

With that, he asked me to marry him and I said yes without any hesitation (although, I will admit, I first squealed about how much I loved the ring). It was such an amazing surprise and with little cell phone service in the park, we enjoyed the next few hours of being the only people in the world to know about the engagement.  

It was such an exciting day and looking back on it, it made much more sense why Josh was so insistent I not wear running clothes during our day in the park. While he was unable to persuade me to wear a dress, we compromised with a pair of cut-offs and my Brooks LSD Jacket.

As an ultra-lightweight piece, the jacket is designed to provide protection during cool, windy conditions and proved to be ideal for hiking. It had a storable hood and is water resistant, although it cannot handle much more than a mist (or the steam of a Yellowstone geyser). It has a slim fit, looks great with diamonds and packs into itself, making it easy to carry on a run.

While I hope we are still a few weeks away from needing to wear such a jacket, I was happy to have it along for our adventure in Yellowstone. It has been a busy few weeks, but as I get more settled in Salt Lake City I am eager to share the excitement of the next few months!